• Do You Drive Your
    Car Everyday?
    Whether you are busy commuter, or just a local area runner , you are missing out


  • Now You Can
    Earn Money !
    Whether your car is PARKED or DRIVING ...
    Our sign has the option that allows you to track
    where the sign goes.
  • The Sign Is Completely
    Removable From Your Car
  • Guaranteed visibility!
    Free GPS reports!
    Thousands of impressions
    every month!
    Low cost advertising !
    more affordable than any other form of outdoor ads

SignOnCar.com takes a different approach to mobile billboards.

"We want you to drive like normal"

We offer mobile outdoor advertising at a fraction of the normal cost. We work with normal people that drive normal cars, that travel down the major roads, crowded freeways and park in crowded parking lots, displaying your image where the consumer is guaranteed to be found. Similar to taxi top ads, we created removable, GPS managed sign for almost any car to advertise for a business!

Sign Description

  • Fits any hard top foor vehicle with a roof larger than 38 in long x 34 inches wide.
  • Mounting hardware will not scratch vehicle
  • Huge display area - 35 in. long x 12 in. high
  • Lightweight - easy to install and remove
  • White display lit area, black frame
  • 12 volt standard power adapter
  • Lights up at night
  • GPS Feature is an additional available option

Our Company
A new Valley company called Sign on Car is looking for people to slap ads on top of their cars and drive around Phoenix.

Sign On Car

SignOnCar.com is a subsidiary of Pachira LLC, established in December, 2010 and based out of Phoenix Arizona. Brian Hribar is the only Managing Member, and Founder of Pachira LLC dba SignOnCar.com. It is SignOnCar.com’s primary mission to provide businesses our unique alternative to taxi top ads or vehicle wraps to advertise. It is also our mission to create a network of individuals, either personal or professional,the opportunity to place an ad on their vehicle for extra income.

Guaranteed results
free GPS reports

We offer the first outdoor signage system that

  • Moves all over a target area;
  • That can be closer and more visible to the prospective viewer than a roadside sign
  • That will provide verifiable proof of audience exposure thanks to its unique, patentpending GPS tracking system.



Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program actually work?
Please fill out our online application and tell us about yourself, your vehicle, and your driving habits. We will contact you when you are selected to have your car advertised on.
How long will it take for me to be selected for a consumer peer-to-peer advertising program?
SignOnCar.com is developing a new advertising medium. This takes time. As more advertisers sign up for the program, your chances will increase dramatically. Some of our current participants were selected in as little as three days after they applied and others have had to wait several months. We wish we could speed up the process for everyone but it all depends on the advertisers. The more people we get in the program the better your chances are because then we have a larger diverse inventory to offer our clients. Spread the word!
Are there any catches?
No catches at all!
Do I have to have automobile insurance?
Do I have to do anything besides drive my car?
Not usually, but it depends on the marketing demands of our advertisers. In general, we only want you to drive just like you already are. As an Ambassador to the company you are representing, you should drive and act in a responsible manner as you are now a branch of the company so to speak.
How will I know I’ve been selected for the program?
You will be notified that you have been selected to participate by email. We will tell you about the program that is available, and you will need to reply as soon as possible so that we do not move onto the next driver. You then be given instructions as to where and when to pick up the sign. At that time we will also check your driving record and review your application to make sure we have all of your updated information.
How many miles do I need to drive to get paid?
Drivers would need to commit to driving at least 1000 miles in the Phoenix area per month to be considered for the program.
What do I do if I’m uncomfortable with the type of advertisement on my vehicle?
You can refuse to accept that particular program and still be eligible to be picked by a different advertiser. It is in everyone’s best interest to make sure you support and are happy with the program. However, you will not have the ability to be selective on the designs or colors that our advertisers decide to use for a program.
What happens if I move, or change jobs and am no longer in the place the advertiser thought I would be when they picked me? Will I still be eligible for the program?
Yes, if your profile changes you can still participate in the program. Just Login to your application and make the appropriate changes. If you already are participating in the program, we will make every effort to enable you to stay in the program.
What if I find out I don’t want to have the sign on my car, can I take it off?
Absolutely! That is what is so nice about SignOnCar. However, once you remove the sign the GPS is no longer active and will not count towards your mileage.
What happens if I get in an accident?
If you are involved in an accident you will need to contact SignOnCar.com within 24 hours.
What happens if the sign on my car gets damaged or vandalized?
If any damage occurs to the sign you need to contact SignOnCar.com within 24 hours. We may make appropriate arrangements to repair or replace the damage.
How long does the same advertisement stay on my vehicle?
An advertisement may stay on your car from a month to a few months.
How do I contact someone at SignOnCar.com?
The best way to contact us is by email at brian@signoncar.com
How do I update my information?
Simply fill out the form again.

Get in Touch With Us If you prefer to contact us, just direct message or contact info below.

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